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Zexcel - Spectrum 48k/128k emulator for the extended environment written by Davide Santachiara and Marco Ternelli . Now compatible with 65536 colours mode of QPC2, QXL, Q40 and Q60 (special edition for the 2003 QL Italian meeting)!

This is the best Spectrum emulator ever written for the Sinclair QL. ZeXcel is the first and only ZX emulator for the QL which makes full use of the extended environment and it is the only one which supports SMSQ/E 65536 colours mode. ZeXcel can be used with SMS2/SMSQ monochrome screen drivers too. It can emulate a Spectrum 128k +2 or a standard 48k ZX Spectrum with or without Interface 1 emulation. This program will give you a lot of fun since a lot of Spectrum games are now public domain and can be downloaded from many Internet FTP sites. Zexcel can read Z80 snapshot files (so it is fully compatible with Z80, the PC Spectrum emulator written by Gerton Lunter) or ZTA tapefiles.

The above picture shows ZeXcel running under QPC2 3.11 with high colours mode enabled (65536 colours). The original Mode 4 and Mode 8 colours modes are still supported if 65k colours mode is not supported by your emulator or hardware.

ZeXcel does not contain utilities to convert ZX tapes or discs into a suitable QL format (for that purpose you will need ZM/128 or ZM/hT system) - ZeXcel documentation, though complete, supposes you already know how to use ZTA or Z80 files. If you need a full tutorial this is included with ZM/128 or ZM/hT system - ZeXcel has not some "hackers" features contained on ZM/128, like complete Z80 emulator. Please note you need the Extended Environment (or SMSQ/E) and Menu extensions to run ZeXcel.

Download ZeXcel v0.33 FREEWARE version with 65536 colours mode support

Download some ZX games to try ZeXcel

ZM/128 & ZM/hT system - Spectrum 48k/128k emulators written by Davide Santachiara and Marco Ternelli

The ZM/hT system comprises: two Spectrum emulators, ZM/128 and ZM/hT; ZM/Accessories to convert Spectrum tapes/disks into a suitable format; 96 pages manual. . The ZM/128 system includes all the above stuff except the ZM/hT dinamic compiler. Here follows a description of ZM/128, ZM/hT and ZM/Accessories.

ZM/128 is a 48k/128k Spectrum emulator with Interface 1 emulation. Features: Dynamic hardware selection, AY-3-8912 3-channel soundchip emulation, clever memory bank switching for fast 128k Basic emulation (usable even on Gold Card), Z80 monitor, Z80 and ZTA file support, very high compatibility. . Speed: >30% ZX speed GC, 80% SGC, >100% QXL.

ZM/hT is a state-of-the-art high technology Z80 dinamic compiler. This is the only Spectrum emulator for QDOS which runs at a reasonable speed on Standard QLs (eg. Trump Card) or at full ZX speed on a Gold Card (on the QXL it really flies, >300% Spectrum speed is normal). Reviewers said: "really spectacular" (E.Forenzi on IQLR Vol.3 Issue 1) "ZM/hT is very fast... an incredible feat of computer science" (S.Goodwin QL World 4/93) "awesome... even an 8 bit QL can run ZX software at reasonable speed ... most sophisticated..." (Last issue of Your Sinclair).

ZM/Accessories allow you 1) to convert Disciple, Plus-D, MGT, Opus-Discovery disks into a suitable format 2) To read directly ZX tapes through the QL NETwork port 3) To convert Speculator files & snapshots into ZTA/Z80 format and viceversa. Backuppers allow you to transfer ZX tapes via network/serial port with Interface-1

Click below to download the full version of ZM/128 48k/128k emulator and ZM/hT dinamic compiler.

Download ZM/128, Download ZM/Accessory, Download ZM/hT, Download manuals

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