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PICE - The only utility that allows your QL to redraw partially overlapped windows - written by Marco Ternelli

This is another interesting piece of software. PICE (standing for "nICE Pointer environment") is a partial window redraw utility for Minerva/SMSQ systems which update the internal PE window save buffer in background: i.e. you need PIE (written by L.Wareham) or PEX (written by H.P.Recktenwald). So it covers the gap still missing between our multitasking environment (QDOS+PE+PIE/PEX) and other environments with poor multitasking capabilities but complete screen redrawing (such as Windows). This program is public domain. These are the minimum system requirement to run PICE:

Download PICE v2.1 Download PEX v1.9.3

Here is a skeleton boot file to help you installing PICE and PEX in your QL system: REMark Example boot file for PICE and PEX TK2_EXT LRESPR 'ptr_gen' :LRESPR 'wman' :LRESPR 'hot_rext' :REMark Not required for SMSQ/E systems LRESPR 'pice_rext' :LRESPR 'pex_byt' PEX_INI:REMark After History device to avoid problems... REMark Here load other extensions, things, jobs and so on ... REMark At the end your boot file... PICE 10,50 :PEON

Turbofix2 - Fix some Turbo Toolkit incompatibilities with Minerva MultiBasics and SMSQ/E SBasics

A new version of TURBOFIX has been prepared. This allows to use the following Turbo Toolkit keywords on Minerva MultiBasic or SMSQ S-BASIC:
The previous version of Turbofix worked on Minerva but not on SMSQ. This release is OK on both o/s. I tested TURBOFIX2_BIN with JM SuperBasic, Minerva Multi-Basic and SMSQ/E SBasic and seems working without problems. As no technical documentation about SMSQ/E SBasic is available at the moment I can not assure my modifications are 100% effective. Anyway it works and that's sufficient for me :-) Any reports is highly welcomed.

The modifications on TURBOFIX2_BIN concern BASIC_POINTER, BASIC_F, BASIC_L, BASIC_W%, BASIC_B% and BASIC_NAME$ keywords. They now work from interpreted SBasic too (not only from Turbo/QLiberated compiled programs).

Download Turbo Toolkit fix v2

Update April 2003: The latest version of Turbo Toolkit fix (Turbofix 3.0d) is available together with MasterBasic. This version is now compatible with the latest SMSQ/E versions and Turbo. Click here to download the package


CPU Toolkit - Tells you the CPU type and speed on (Super) Gold Card

This small toolkit consists of two keywords only. CPUTYPE tells you the CPU you are using on your system. The second one, GCSPEED, tells you the actual speed of your (Super) Gold Card and whether it is possible to use your QL at 24 MHz with a Gold Card hardware Issue 1/2.

CPUTYPE returns the following values:

This routine has the advantage that it does not use Line-F exceptions to discover the CPU type, thus avoiding the problem of screen corruption on the Super Gold Card (this is an "hardware" bug). The drawback is that we cannot know if the CPU is 68020 or 68030 (but from the programmer point of view there is no difference at least for things concerning the cache handling), and if the CPU has FPU or MMU. If you are interested in something super professional you could get 1) Andreas Rudolf detection routine which I believe recognise all 680xx "flavours" comprising MMU/FPU except the 68060 2) CPU recognisation routine used by C68 (sources are available in the PD)

GCSPEED returns:

Download CPU Toolkit


Turbo Patch - Allows Turbo programs to run on QXL/QPC...

This program allows to use Turbo programs with system variables at any place (ie. Minerva 2nd screen, extended resolution screens like in QPC/QXL). Also the problem of Turbo which for strange reasons reads location $0 should be fixed - this gave troubles on the 68030 Atari TT with QVME (system lock-up!).

Compiling this program with QLiberator (strange the life, isn't it?) you get the new SB keyword TURBO_PATCH which can be called with TURBO_PATCH old_turbo_file$,new_turbo_file$.

This program has been tested with Turbo programs compiled with V2 and V3. Requires Toolkit 2 and Turbo Toolkit.

Update April 2003: the latest freeware Turbo (v4) do not need anymore this patch!

Download Turbo Patch

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